Table of visualization methods

I am sure a lot of people frequently have the problems of   deciding how to choose the right visualization method.

I found this link through a newsletter from Matthias Müller-Prove. Please check it out. . Not only it is a good idea of putting together a number of visualization methods, also it is  very well implemented 😉

Here the link ….

The original message was posted on Kawasaki’s blog ….

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One thought on “Table of visualization methods”

  1. Genial (ingenious).

    What I miss (a bit) are links to further detailed descriptions of these methods. But for my opinion the overview is very simple and useful designed, so I get the informations really quick.

    (BTW, I’d also prefer english as main language, cause … the internet is english, right? 😉 So I’d say German can still be the main language but english is highly welcome.)

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