Upcoming conference: WebExpo 2018 – September 21-23, Prague, Czechia

We are media partners of the Web Event of the year in the Czech Republic. WebExpo will bring this year 63 international and local experts from well-known companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or IBM among others, to share solutions on UX and Design Thinking, Web Development, AI & Machine Learning and AR/VR that you can learn through practical talks and 7 hands on workshops. Learn more in its program.

Some interesting speakers for us:

  • Dan Saffer – how do you find the best design opportunities the future of your organization? At Twitter, they’ve been using a combination of methods to plot out a set of possible futures for themselves, looking a few years into the future for product opportunities. He will explain their methodology and process so that we can use it in your work.
  • Val Head – 2018 is the year of Machine Learning. But, how does it affect the role of web designer and developer? Val will show to build AI-Driven features.
  • Douglas Powell He is a Distinguished Designer at IBM, directing the program to scale design and design thinking across the global tech company. He will present a discussion about how to measure the value of design for an organization.
  • Diamond Ho – Ever wonder how a designer at Facebook designs for 2 billion people around the world? It’s all about using design thinking methodology and working cross-functionally. In her session, she’ll make a (hypothetical) case study to learn about how they design product experience at Facebook.
  • Pamela Pavliscak Workshop – Emotionally intelligent design: If your smartphone could recognize when you have a bad day, wouldn’t use it? Pamela Pavliscak will teach at WebExpo how to prototype emotionally intelligent technology.

The organization informs that they will have different activities to encourage the networking such as workshops, meetings with speakers after each talk and meeting areas.

Thanks to this cooperation, we are going to give away one FREE Conference ticket to attend this event and provide a code with 10% off specially created for us: uxvienna (must be inserted in lowercase).

How to get a free ticket

At our August meetup we will give away the ticket to somebody who can answer the following question: Which speaker from WebExpo is the author of the book “Microinteractions”? (The answer is available on the conference website)

Hope to see you there.

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