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Every month (every 2nd tuesday of the month) we are visiting with our UX Vienna meetup a new company or organization. We are always happy to welcome new location hosts in order to facilitate exchange and bring life to the UX community in Vienna.

Upcoming meetups & location

Information for potential location hosts

UX Vienna Meetup participants are people working or interested in UX/Usability/Interaction Design, about 40–80 participants; the meetup is held every month since 2006wayback.

Benefits for the host organization:

  • 10 minutes presentation of the company/UX department/organization and the possibility to give a 20–30 minutes UX-related mini-talk
  • Well-established UX community supports knowledge exchange discussing interesting topics and trends (Examples of topics: Design Sprint, Algorithms in UX, Responsive Design, Pattern Libraries etc.)
  • Host organization being perceived as an interesting employer or offering UX services for other companies or services for UX people

Necessary infrastructure:

  • Beamer (HDMI/VGA) with audio/sound/loudspeakers and all the necessary cables/dongles/adapters
  • LAN/WIFI for speakers (maybe even for the attendees)
  • Refreshments: people are thirsty & hungry — drinks and snacks (eg water, non-alcoholic beverages and cold beer; sandwiches, pizza slices or chips and dips … you don’t need to make a fuss, we are cool with the bare minimum)
  • Way finding: will people find the venue easily? Or are signs necessary? If so please include something like “UX vienna meetup” and/or our logo for familiarity (for really complicated locations please provide us with a digital map of the building and the specific room)

Information needed by the organization for the UX Vienna Meetup Organizers:

  • Number of people fitting in the room (“good”/max)
  • Contact person for the UX Vienna-Organizers
  • Possible dates
  • Whether the company/UX department/organization itself will give a mini-talk

You got a location for the stammtisch/meetup? Perfect! Give us a shout, scout!