169. UXvienna Evening Meetup

Tuesday, 8th of January 2019, 7pm at Liechtenecker: Schloßgasse 14/2/25, 1050 Wien

Due to limited seats, registration via meetup.com/UXvienna is required — and don’t forget to change your RSVP if you can no longer make it: people on the waitlist will thank you!

We will continue with our regular format:
7pm–9pm: short slots (30 min) for each topic;
from 9pm: open discussions, get-together, focusing on previous topics

mini-talks for this meeting:

  1. Natalia Sander & Maja Dika (UX/UI & Speculative Designers at Liechtenecker) on »Speculative DesignHow thinking about the future of technology improves the UX of today« (slides)
  2. Björn @Ansimorph Ganslandt (Freelance Frontend Developer) on »Aligning Development & Design« (slides¬fyi
  3. your mini-talk?

We are always looking forward to welcoming new people at the stammtisch … so: looking forward to seeing you at Liechtenecker, Bernhard Ferro

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tom haberfellner

interaction designer (since 1996, then at peter purgathofers uid-lab of igw), working at GP designpartners, german UPA expert :-) who helped 2005 translate ixdg/ ixda.org into german (web-archived: https://bit.ly/ixda-de-translate)

One thought on “169. UXvienna Evening Meetup”

  1. thanx natalia for organizing and all @Liechteneckers for hosting this meetup at your most pleasant meditation center … and of course our 3 speakers for their inspiring talks and @milarepa1 for moderating!

    we collaboratively (and bare-footed) took some notes at UXvienna.at/169-ongoing (including links to natalia sanders & maja dikas slides and @ansimorphs slides on github and netlify) — feel free to complement & improve.

    I was reminded of the TED2017 talk »why we need to imagine different futures« (by angry optimist & superflux futurist anab jain, who also leads the design investigations studio / id2 at the angewandte) and of the quote »the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed« (by speculative fiction author & cyperpunk william gibson).

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