227th UX Vienna Evening Meetup

Tuesday, 14th of November 2023, 7:00pm (Erste Digital, Vienna)

Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna – just if you are registered before Monday 13th 10am you can join the meetup.

UX Vienna Evening Meetups are on the 2nd tuesday of every month — 12 times a year. This time we meet at Erste Digital.

Pebbles move,​ boulders don‘t – implementing usability test findings successfully in a complex scrum project setup (Johanna Schauerhofer & Michael Bechinie)

Usability testing is one of the most important user-based methods in the human-centred design process to optimize the user experience. In our talk we will share our experience of implementing continuous incorporation of the results of user-based evaluation methods. The learnings will focus on a large-scale scrum project in the context of a financial business application. We will discuss the evolutionary steps of our approach with the goal to ensure the highest possible implementation rate of usability test findings.

An alien goes UX meetup or: how to overcome the user obsession problem (Wolfgang Goebl)

I  (an IT guy) – have worked with UX professionals on many implementation projects. I appreciate their user obsession, reflected in every UX design they want to have implemented by software developers. In stark contrast, however, I’ve seen too many projects where the UX designs were, at best, just good initial input. In those projects, the actual UX design & implementation was done by software developers.    

Asking ChatGPT “What criticism is there of UX Design?” leads to some validation of my observations: “The UX discipline neglects other aspects of design, such as technical feasibility, economic profitability or social responsibility. UX focuses mainly on the usage phase of the product or service, without considering the impacts on other phases of the realisation”.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to increase the impact of UX by setting up a true co-design process of UX, implementation, and other relevant aspects of realisation in a seamless approach?

In this talk I will cover topics like:

  • how to design user experiences as part of a more holistic enterprise design approach
  • how to smash down the walls between UX and software architecture to enable a true co-design approach
  • how the facet of “experience” should be complemented by “architecture” and “identity” to create better enterprises?


Erste Group at Erste Campus
Main Entrance at “Am Belvedere 1”
1100 Wien

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