229th UX Vienna Evening Meetup

Tuesday, 9th of January 2024, 7:00pm (Moonshiner)

Poster announcing the 229th UXvienna Meetup at Moonshiner on January 9th 2024.

Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna.

At the next meetup in January we meet at Moonshiner in Vienna with two interesting talks.

Setting up a design system project

by Orsolya Fülöp and Daniel Pillinger

The setup process is a pivotal stage in crafting a cohesive design system. It begins with evaluating existing design elements, followed by collaborative definition of core principles. Implementation involves creating reusable components and patterns. Our systematic approach establishes a foundation for consistency, efficiency, and collaboration in design and development.

Labelling The Web

by Nicolas Bernadowitsch, Senior UX Designer, Accenture Song

Sometimes we forget to add labels to user interface elements. How does that happen and why is it a problem? Is it even necessary? Let’s talk about accessible names and labelling the web.


Moonshiner GmbH
Donau-City-Straße 1
Tech Gate, 6. OG
1220 Wien

Online Discussions & Q&A

  • For discussions we provide our slack channel as well – please write to hi@uxvienna.at and you will get an invitation.
  • For sharing job offers, taking notes and sharing links you can always use our collaborative pad – uxvienna.at/ongoing

PS: If you have any questions — reach out to us via hi@uxvienna.at or Twitter @uxvienna.

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