198th UX Vienna Evening ONLINE Meetup – Open Space Edition

Tuesday, 8th of June 2021, 7:00pm online (CEST/Vienna time)

Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna – the URL for the online conference is available there.

In June we will have an Open Space Edition. You are invited to bring topics you want to share or discuss. After our usual intro to the meetup we will collect the topics and we will do a short session planning. In 2 slots we will have parallel sessions.

19:00 intro & session planning
19:30 session slot #1
19:50 break & session planning update
20:00 session slot #2
20:30 closing

For our collaborative notes join us via uxvienna.at/ongoing.

Location provided by TechTalk.

PS: If you have any questions — reach out to us via hi@uxvienna.at or Twitter @uxvienna.