230th UX Vienna Meetup: Ethics in UX Design & AI-powered UX Design Tools

Tuesday, 13th of February 2024, 7:00pm (Eversports)
Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna.

Teaser Bild with Talk-Titles "Ethics in UX Design" and "AI-Powered UX Design  Tools"

At the next meetup in February we meet at Eversports in Vienna with two interesting talks.

Ethics in UX Design

by Amirhossein Shamlou – Head of Product Design, Eversports
In the realm of User Experience (UX) Design, where aesthetics meet user functionality, ethical considerations play a crucial role. This presentation addresses the balance between creating engaging digital experiences and maintaining ethical integrity. We’ll explore key issues like privacy, accessibility, and inclusivity, and discuss the impact of design choices on users. Our focus is to highlight the importance of ethical practices in UX design, ensuring that digital products are not only effective but also responsible and user-friendly.

AI-powered UX Design Tools

by Tom Zahler – Co-founder and Managing Director, intuio GmbH
AI has come to change the landscape of design tools for UX professionals. Let’s examine a few of those tools a bit more closely, and see how advanced their use of AI already is in their products. Are they really useful for the task of designing interfaces and interactions? Some promise to come up with entire designs based only on a text prompt, or to convert a screenshot into an editable design. Many are still in Beta or offer access via a waitlist only. How does Midjourney fare as a user interface designer? Can it help with creating UI component libraries for design systems? How about Framer as a copywriting assistant? You will get a better understanding of the possible impact and developments that will change our field with the adoption of these new technologies.


Jakov-Lind-Straße 13,
1020 Wien

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