233nd UX Vienna Meetup

Tuesday, 14th of May 2024, 7:00pm (barnVentures Gmbh)
Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna.

At the next meetup in April we meet at barnVentures Gmbh in Vienna. This time we will have one talk by Kevin Richardson (see abstract below).

13 Lessons Over 31 Years

Kevin H Richardson, PhD, Senior Director of User Experience and Product Management @ invidi.com

I began working in the field of User Experience more than 30 years ago. Between then and now, a number of interesting things have happened; User Experience has moved from engineering to psychology to “design,” and has gone from “unnecessary” to required. Desktop software, web sites, mobile applications, games, web-based business software, voice interfaces – User Experience is everywhere and customers believe we, as UXers, know what we’re doing.

Things have improved for us as a profession, but I still see a repeating pattern of questions and mistakes being made by UX professionals. I will discuss a number of these, including portfolios, the design process, standards, complex business software design, and other lessons. I will also provide downloadable training materials for the group.


barnVentures Gmbh
Weyringergasse 34,
1040 Wien


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