234th UX Vienna Meetup – Collaborative Design Operations & Neuroinclusive Design

Tuesday, 11th of June 2024, 7:00 pm (MAI Digitalberatung)
Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna.

At the next meetup in June we meet at MAI Digitalberatung in Vienna. The agenda for this evening will be:

From Silos to Symphony: Building Collaborative Design Operations (Our Work in Progress!)

by Christina Bruckner & Martin Brugger-Hatzl at MAI Digitalberatung

Ready to shatter those silos and streamline your team’s workflow? This talk is your playbook. We’ll walk you through the exact design operations strategy we implemented to overhaul our design system governance, redefine roles for clarity, and build rock-solid trust with stakeholders. Our story is one of work in progress, but the collaborative gains we’ve made are undeniable. Join us to discuss how everyone can conduct their own symphony of collaboration.

Design Patterns for Neurodiverse Users

by Miriam “Mina” Nabinger, UX & WebAccessibility Expert, minamalism

Let’s make your designs neuroinclusive! We’ll debunk common misconceptions about neurodiversity, shedding light on how diverse neurological conditions influence user experience. Following that, we’ll explore key design patterns specifically crafted to meet the unique needs of neurodiverse users.



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ux book club

i just came across the ux book club. a regular meeting focused on books related to user exerpience. steve baty nicely puts it:

Such a meeting would provide experienced folks with a chance to revisit some classics in a critical light; as well as getting an incentive to read some more current materials. And for less experienced folks it would provide them with a forum to ask those ‘I don’t get it’ questions that they might otherwise never understand.

the ux book club might be a nice extension to the stammtisch — maybe every 2nd stammtisch or as an additional meeting.

i’ll join the book club here in sydney, and i hope there is one coming up in vienna.