Axure and Scriptaculous (part 2)

My first posting in March, was inspired by Tom Piribauers idea to combine Axure and Scriptaculous for Drag’n’Drop functionality using Inline Frames. Now I finally want to go a step further and present the concerning HTML File.

Especially Jesper Rønn-Jensen’s comment made clear to me that my graphics didn’t explain this idea satisfactorily. So please enjoy our solution – feedback is welcome (of course) – and feel free to copy or take a look at the code 😉

[Launch Prototype >>] (Please use Firefox for this prototype)

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2 thoughts on “Axure and Scriptaculous (part 2)”

  1. Ja, tut mir leid. Die Möglichkeit den Hintergrund eines IFrames transparent zu machen, dürfte doch nur im Firefox funktionieren.

    Danke für den Hinweis.

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