4th USABility Symposium, 20 & 21 November 2008, Graz

4th USABility Symposium of the Workgroup HCI&UE of the Austrian Computer Society 20 & 21 November 2008, Graz University of Technology

“Usability & Human-Computer Interaction for Education and Work” (HCI4EDU)

Today in education computers can be found everywhere; they are both ubiquitous and pervasive. Systems supporting educational or work scenarios are extremely sophisticated and technological performance increases exponentially. However, human cognitive evolution does not advance at the same speed. Consequently, the focus on interaction and communication between human and computer is of increasing importance in education and work, since the daily actions of the end-users are the central concern and must be supported by surrounding technology, in particular with new & emerging technologies.

Traditionally, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) bridges Psychology and Informatics, while Usability Engineering (UE), as an engineering discipline, is firmly anchored in software technology. Together, HCI&UE provide the emerging potential to assist the daily work flows in the realm of education and work. Innovation and new developments often take place just at the junction of two or more disciplines.

To promote closer collaboration between engineers, researchers and teaching professionals, we invite you to participate in the 4th Usability Symposium of the Austrian HCI&UE Group in Graz (Austria).

Mission Statement: Together Today, combining Data, Information and Knowledge, to support the work of the Educational professionals of tomorrow!

We are seeking high quality papers, which will be reviewed in a full paper double-blind review by at least three independent reviewers.

Accepted contributions will be presented during the symposium as full or short paper. The conference language is English as it supports a broad access within an international audience. Suggestions for Tutorials and Workshops are also welcome.

Topics include but are not limited to:

* Usability and New Research Methodologies

* Formal Methods and Methodologies (incl. Agile Methods)

* Human Aspects of Future Technologies for Learning

* Human-Computer Interaction for Aviation

* Semantics and Usability in Education

* Human Language Analysis and Natural Language Processing

* Usage and Utility of Educational Terminology

* Usability and Human Aspects of e-Learning

* Aspects of Usability in Information Visualization for Education

* Usability in Ambient Assisted Living & Life Long Learning

* Augmented Cognition (AugCog) in Education

* Cognitive Workload and Problem Solving Support

* Adaptivity and Usability of Educational Systems

* Usability of Mobile Computing in Education (m-Learning)

* Adaptive User Interfaces for Educational Information Systems

* Simulations in Education & Game Based Learning

* User Centered Design & Development of Educational Systems

* Real-Life Usability Testing

* Cognitive Task Analysis

* Remote Usability Testing

* Technology Enhanced Learning for Children

* Technology Enhanced Learning for the Elderly

* Accessibility in Education


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