wear ur world: MIT's sixthsense wearable multitouch interface

have the entire world as your computer by turning any flat surface — or your hand — into a multitouch display. wuw consists of yourself wearing a webcam capturing your gestures of color marked fingers and the tangible world around you [any surface, walls or objects], to which a tiny projector [mounted on a hat] projects the intangible information.

a wearable prototype by pranav mistry and pattie maes at MIT.

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tom haberfellner

interaction designer (since 1996, then at peter purgathofers uid-lab of igw), working at GP designpartners, german UPA expert :-) who helped 2005 translate ixdg/ ixda.org into german (web-archived: https://bit.ly/ixda-de-translate)

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  1. Unbelieveable! If they get rid of the backpack it is really cool 🙂 Do they wear the computer in the backpack? I wonder if this would work with a smart phone, too.

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