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One of the nice things working in a bigger company is that it is easier to get the opportunity to test new gadgets or technology. So happened with the new Blackberry Storm, yet another “iPhone killer”. The GUI design reminds strongly on a combination of iPhone and Windows Vista, all in all looks quiet ok (or let’s say conventional).


The biggest surprise for my opinion is the touchscreen, which behaves like o n e   r e a l   b u t t o n (physically seen). When you “click” on it the complete surface reacts and gives you tactile feedback, which is quite surprising the first times.

Slightly touching the screen let you select an item like e.g. a mouseover . So this touchscreen gadget is the first one I know which offers Mouseover and Onclick, what I really find worth mentioning (though some people seem not to like this kind of behavior 🙂

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  1. interesting reactions, ey? I am sorry to say but my opinion would be: “from my point of view it’s official: the blackberry storm is the worst piece of so called innovation I have come across yet”

  2. Your passionate (controversial) comment is very welcome. I’m looking forward to hear your reasons, maybe at the next stammtisch. When I bring the BB with me, promise not to smash it, ok?

  3. All in all the feedback at yesterday’s Stammtisch was not really positive 😉 Most people didn’t really ‘like’ the way RIM solved the tactile feedback on the touchscreen. It seemed that it was a bit too unusual for most of them. Though I still think the fact t h a t Blackberry thought about tactile feedback on a touchscreen is very creditably.

    Tom Haberfellner mentioned that it makes no sense to provide tactile feedback on e.g. locations where there is no interaction possible – correct (think about that BB developers 😉 that’s valid for the complete concept of the BB Storm.

    Max tried out the hover feature regarding font sizes and so on, which seemed pretty smart. It gives you the opportunity, like in “Office 07”, to see the effects of your settings immediatly. Which seems to be another plus for the “Storm” concept.

  4. In the Storms setting menu, items like font size and screen brightness are drop-down lists. Activated, you can slide with your finger over the list of values and see a live preview of your “hovered” value.

    This is as nice as in the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows. And similar to preference dialogs in Apple OS X.

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