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i obviously overestimated the importance and impact of a company’s website.

as an example: endpoint technologies associates by ‘wisdom pearl dispenser’ roger l. kay, imho created circa 1991 [although:’s first copy is of 2006, which makes the current ‘© 2007 all rights reserved’ less timeworn]. this website surprises with

  • some undervalued technical delicacies: images as text (sometimes further enriched with image maps), in-line styles, (mostly) links to local files a la file:/C:/Program%20Files/Yahoo%20SiteBuilder/sites/Test/JobsJob.html, interesting comments in the source code a la <!-- text below generated by server. PLEASE REMOVE -->
  • and fonts which seem to have fallen into oblivion in the rest of the web: Bookman Old Style, Monotype Corsiva

if i understand kay correctly then that is the way the website ought to stay jusqu’au bout du monde: endpoint — the final location, terminus, the completion of the process

kay is the author of »what price cool?« [pdf] — a white paper sponsored by microsoft — which concludes that the apple tax is not only a higher price tag upfront, but that it actually includes higher costs in the long run as well (the ‘hidden apple tax’).
the study has been published 9.4.2009 and evoked some reactions since, eg by arstechnica, technologizer, osnews, vnunet, cnet … and brandon leblanc of windows experience blog, mary jo foley of zdnet to name a few for the ordering party as well.
apple tax

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