“Acutally there is no gPhone. Instead there is a platform, called Android, where people (or developer) will be able to create thousands of gPhones”, Steve Horowitz, engineering director at Google. The SDK for Android is being released right now.

One of the goals of Google’s development team is to “interact with and integrate software applications”. And that’s the big difference to Apple’s strategy and a quite clear message. Actually they talk about $ 10.000.000 they want to spend on upcoming applications, from any developers.

Actually S. Horowitz is presenting two different mobile phones with different applications. Here are some of the presented features:

  • Highspeed 3G Networking
  • Accelerated 3D graphics using OpenGL
  • Touchscreen
  • Maps + Streetview starting from wherever I was in Maps.
    • Zoom in: Can anyone tell me, how the zoom in function works? I am not able to find out what kind of interaction Steve Horowitz is using to zoom in. He just moves the finger over the screen and the picture is zooming?

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