Das Department für Information und Knowledge Engineering an der Donau Uni Krems sucht eine/n wissenschaftl. Projektmitarbeiter/in

Wolfgang Aigner vom IKE hat mich gebeten diese Stellenausschreibung hier zu posten:

The Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (www.donau-uni.ac.at/ike) at Danube University Krems (Austria, www.donau-uni.ac.at) is seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate for the research project VisuExplore (full-time position; 3 years) in the fields of Information Visualization, Visual Data Analysis, Interaction Design, or Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The aim of VisuExplore is to design and develop interactive visual representations and exploration methods of time-oriented, medical data and information to gain new insights and ease the exploration process for the medical staff (mainly physicians).

Main tasks

You will
* perform research in the fields of Information Visualization, Visual Data Analysis, Interaction Design, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
* design and write scientific publications
* participate in writing research proposals
* participate in scientific and consulting projects
* Work within a creative, highly motivated, and international team

Conditions of admission: required education/skill set

* are a university graduate (at the diploma, master of science, or PhD level) in Computer Science, Information Systems, or an equivalent University study
* should have background and knowledge in one or more of the following fields
– Information Visualization
– Visual Data Analysis
– Interaction Design
– Graphical User Interface Design
– Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
or the willingness to quickly become acquainted with research explained above
* are interested in medical applications
* are interested and enjoy scientific working
* like to work as an independent and flexible researcher
* have abilities to work in interdisciplinary teams
* are fluent in the English language and eager to communicate your work both orally and in written form
* should possess knowledge of the German language

Closing date for applications: November 26, 2007

The full-time position will be filled earliest at February 1, 2008 (starting of the project financing).

Send your applications (with the usual application documents including a statement of interest, full CV – list of subjects taken at university plus grades, publications, etc.) to:
Personalabteilung der Donau Universitaet Krems,
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30
A-3500 Krems, Austria


in an email to


We encourage sending your application in electronic form.

The Danube University Krems aims for enhancing the number of women in scientific positions and therefore, particularly invites women to apply.

Applicants are not entitled to claim reimbursement of traveling expenses
and/or other costs caused by the application procedures.

Danube University Krems (www.donau-uni.ac.at) is a State University that is specialized in postgraduate academic studies and offers selected programs in the fields of economics and management, communications, IT and media, medicine and health, law, European integration and public administration, educational and cultural sciences, as well as of building and environment. Being a European model project, Danube University Krems combines high quality in education, research and consulting with excellent customer orientation and service. More than 3,700 students from 50 countries are enrolled in over 150 academic programs.

The Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (ike; www.donau-uni.ac.at/ike) is concerned with computer-tools, methods, and concepts which support humans in dealing with complex information spaces. One of the main interests of ike is to make complex information structures more comprehensible, facilitate new insights, and enable knowledge discovery. As a matter of fact, the research topics ike focuses on are (1) information visualization and visual analytics, and (2) plan management. Data and information are a broad field – we focus particularly on the temporal dimension and study time-oriented data and information.