Usability Challenge 2008

Maybe some of you have already heard something about the usability challenge.

“On 1 August 2008, we are asking anyone with a passion for usability to solve a usability problem…any usability problem at all…and help make the world a better/safer/less annoying place.”

———————- Doesn’t sound that “wonderful” ? ———————–
What you have to do:

1) Find a usability problem
2) Design a solution
3) Share it with a person who can solve the problem by implementing your solution
There is also a Google and Facebook Group about it, where you can join. We could also talk about it in our next “stammtisch” – a bit variation to our daily usbility problems we discuss. Maybe we find a good solution for something.

Or someboday likes to bring 2 slides for the problem? Jürgen maybe? 😉