wireframes vs prototypes, world usability day and "bring 2 folien"

A short thing (discussion) about wireframes vs. prototypes.

And for those of you who are using OmniGraffle – here some stencils for wireframing. I think that sketchy stencil is a nice beginning for all those who are tired of using paper and pencil all the time 😛


Thanx Max for setting up the google doc for “word usability day 2009” in vienna. We don’t have any location yet for the first meeting on feb, 3rd. Has anybody of you some suggestions for a quite-beamer-internet-brainstorming-room?


Another thing: What’s with the suggestion of skipping “bring 2 folien” and replacing it with a  discussion of a video (TED talk, etc.) ? We can try it next time if it works…(therefore tom has to think about a new reminder-text, hehehe)

Usability Challenge 2008

Maybe some of you have already heard something about the usability challenge.

“On 1 August 2008, we are asking anyone with a passion for usability to solve a usability problem…any usability problem at all…and help make the world a better/safer/less annoying place.”

———————- Doesn’t sound that “wonderful” ? ———————–
What you have to do:

1) Find a usability problem
2) Design a solution
3) Share it with a person who can solve the problem by implementing your solution
There is also a Google and Facebook Group about it, where you can join. We could also talk about it in our next “stammtisch” – a bit variation to our daily usbility problems we discuss. Maybe we find a good solution for something.

Or someboday likes to bring 2 slides for the problem? Jürgen maybe? 😉

personas for all of us…

For all those people who work with personas … an interesting article to the topic. PDF from the Interactions Magazine.

“Personas are misused to maintain a “safe” distance from the people we design for, manifesting contempt over understanding, and creating the facade of user-centeredness while merely reinforcing who we want to be designing for and selling to.[…]If this is the best way we have to keep the organization focused on a “real” customer, then we have larger organizational problems that need to be addressed. With personas, we’re going down the wrong path. Rather than create distancing caricatures, tell stories.”