Microsofts Vision of the Future 2019

That’s a very lovely future vision by Microsoft, a combination of Augmented Reality and Multitouch packed in a high-level Video-Prototype, ala Minority Report or Infographics is stranger than fiction. The daily tasks seem to stay the same but some things differ in the way we experience it now. E.g. the quality of collaboration, or finding friends in real world.

microsoft’s future vision 2019, via

I tried to kind of analyze the tasks which are handled in the movie:

  • Drawing Images together with other people (collaboration)
  • Checking Data on Boarding Pass (technical)
  • Display Data on a large medium (like a Window or a table)
  • Taking Files with you (different media)
  • Find Friends in real world (very nice, i love the arrow appearing on the floor)
  • Exchange Files, Data
  • Reading Newspaper
  • Home Power Usage – Tasks
  • Exchange of files among different media
  • Find info about things in real world (plant)

Nice what can be done with a real big budget video prototype, although I am not sure if Microfsoft will be the company to bring this to reality 😉

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