207th UX Vienna Evening ONLINE Meetup

Tuesday, 9th of March 2021, 7:00pm online (CEST/Vienna time)

Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna – the URL for the online conference is available there.

We will continue with our regular format – we will start at 7pm on time with the talks.

Sessions for this meetup

  • Mirjam de Klepper: Upgrading user research: from bootstrapping health app to mature medical device
    Mirjam is a Senior UX Researcher at mySugr and will explain, how the UX research department at mySugr grew and developed as the company scaled up. She’ll make use of the DesignOps menu to clarify the key areas that they have focused on and share concrete examples and practical tips from her day-to-day.
  • Your mini-talk? Please contact us at hi@uxvienna.at!

Online Discussions & Q&A

  • For questions please use sli.do: Event code #uxvienna (direct link)
  • For discussions we provide our slack channel as well – please write to hi@uxvienna.at and you will get an invitation.
  • For sharing job offers, taking notes and sharing links you can always use our collorative pad – uxvienna.at/ongoing

Hope to see you all in the remote world.

Google Meet provided by Digitalberatung.

PS: If you have any questions — reach out to us via hi@uxvienna.at or Twitter @uxvienna.

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