How to sketch transitions

During our last Stammtisch I came up with an example of a transition I sketched for one of the projects I’m involved in right now (it’s a web application). The transition consists of a list of items that folds up slowly when a certain link on the page is clicked. You can see a demo of this effect on the Scriptaculous Wiki.

I had two questions regarding that transition. First I wanted to know if it was wise to use a transition at all (there are other ways to solve my problem). I don’t want to go further into this right here because I got the response that yes, the transition would serve a good purpose in my design.

But instead I want to continue to discuss my second question: What is the best way to demo these kinds of animations (or: all kinds of animations). I came up with several possible techniques, but none of them is without flaws … Continue reading How to sketch transitions